German Bread Bakery @ 2237 North Rampart Blvd.

Small German bakery located in Summerlin for the past 3 years (new location last year off of South Eastern Ave), offering a large variety of :rustic breads (boules and loaves available as light rye, dark rye, sunflower seed, 5 seed, marbled rye, crunchy bread and white bread  ) and breakfast pastries. Berliners (donuts), beestings (pastry with vanilla bavarian), pig ears (palmiers), coffee cake, pretzels (stick, bread, roll, ‘croissant’), and strudels.  

The pretzel croissant was tasty though I don’t know how it qualifies as a croissant besides its shape and fluffier texture. Will have to try it again. 

Strudel was ok, Not quite what I expected. Was looking more for layers of the light flaky pastry with an apple filling, and this was more of a dense apple strudel, though tasty, topped off with crumble.

Poppy seed cake was good, thicky poppy filling (often a mix of ground poppy seeds, sugar, butter and/or milk, some use flour and or eggs as  a binder). But this was tasty, somehow only eastern europeans and germans care much for poppy seed cakes. 

Overall, clean shop with good variety of pastries and breads beyond the norm. While American and French influences are seen everywhere in hotels and restaurants/pastry shops, its not often German baked goods stand out.

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Cake World Bakery, 220 N Maryland Pkwy, Las Vegas, NV 89101

Located a few miles off the strip in the downtown area, this bakery has been a family operated business for 13 years. Despite being called Cake World, most of the available treats are sweet rolls, Mexican style: conchas (seashells, named after their decorative spiral, sweet bread with a sugary crunch that is often flavored and/or colored, cinnamon, chocolate, red, etc ), guava paste filled sweet dough or pineapple paste filled. It is ice to have a tropical spin-off to the usual breads. The breads are dry, though quite  sweet, best accompanied by coffee.

In their reach in fridge, above the soda, they have clamshell packages of tres leches, flan, and german chocolate cake. I was disappointed that there weren’t more cakes available here.

Bagel Cafe, 301 N Buffalo Dr, Las Vegas, NV 89145

Located in Summerlin, this NY style Jewish-American diner has an inspired variety of bagels ( over 2 dozen!), a pastry display case with class american treats like red velvet cupcakes, cheesecakes, cookies and the Jewish classic rugelach (along with its larger “cousin”, the babka). 

Good bagels, if not an exact replica of the NY kind. Texture is different, a little off. Rugelach well done.

The dining area is very spacious, service is prompt on a large menu of diner food. 

Do go here, friendly place full of energy plus good breakfast/lunch food!

Bouchon Bistro @ The Venetian.

One of Thomas Keller’s outposts, two spots at this hotel ( the bistro and the bakery). Check out the bakery, as I will post at a later date, for assortment of breakfast pastries, muffins, eclairs, cookies, TKO cookie, and more.

Breakfast at Bouchon Bistro.

Yogurt parfait: sweet vanilla, creamy with granola. Simple way to enjoy breakfast. Accompanied by breakfast pastries (croissant, sticky bun, pain aux raisins, pain aux chocolat) All well done and served warm. Top of the line.
One of my colleagues got the French toast, brioche layered with caramel, maple syrup sauce and apple garnish. Awesome. As they say, simple yet elegant.

Highly recommend

Bonjour bakery and deli @ 4012 S Rainbow Blvd, Las Vegas  89103..

Small bakery in a strip mall, has a pleasant ambiance with red tile flooring and a  few tables., packed with regulars in the early morning. What’s nice is that everything was super fresh as we walked in, even if the quality was only just OK. Good variety of breakfast pastries, some breads (ciabatta,baguettes, loaves) and some simple french pastries (charlotte, eclairs, chocolate mousse domes)

Preferred the chocolate twist over the croissant, which wasn’t flaky enough. Beignet was alright, still warm from the fryer and not greasy, powdered with a ton of sugar.The pain aux  raisin was too doughy, not enough pastry cream and raisins. Charlotte, a vanilla bavaroise with lady fingers and fresh berries. I did like the fact that the french pastry was actually given to me in a cake box, not some to-go container, and it was on a gold cardboard. Little details.