Sugar Bee Bakery, 7835 South Rainbow Blvd, Las Vegas.

Small bakery located on Rainbow blvd, southwest Vegas. Opened by Pastry Chef  Carrie Chesto (formerly of Colicchio’s CraftSteak). Offers macarons, a variety of croissants, almond cakes, scones (sweet & savoury). Cakes are available, sliced at purchase (lemon, chocolate mousse, etc). Two display cases flank the register, and behind you can see through a curtain the kitchen at work. Also  offers four varieties  of breads (ciabbata, honey wheat, italian and a daily special). 

Croissant: delicious, really stands apart in flavor and look from the rest of this bakery.  Beautiful color, with a sprinkle of sea salt (fleur de sel?)  on top, it really is good. Very flaky.

Chocolate macaron, sweet.with a chocolate buttercream (?) and german chocolate cake inner filling (coconut, sweetened condensed milk)

Almond cake, dry & crisp on the outside, simple but nice.

Blueberry scone- super moist and tasty.

 I would’ve like to try the chives and cheese scone, as well as the banana bread pudding and the chocolate mousse cake. Overall, I found the place looked very old school & “simple” but the flavors are nice. On her website, it states she’s limited her offering to 20 options so as to ensure quality. Well done.

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