La Belle Terre Bread French Bakery, 8390 west Sahara ave.

A true boulangerie offering a large assortment of breakfast pastries, breads (baguettes, boules, ciabatta) plus a small selection of basic French pastries (eclairs, lemon tart, baba, tiramisu, etc) and macaroons ( had a licorice one, it’s ok).

Got the pain aux raisin ( a favorite what with plump raisins, moist and tasty ), croissant (good though not as buttery as I would’ve liked), almond galette (puff pastry with almond filling, nice to see this as a year round item instead of just for 3 King’s day!) and cheese Danish. Would’ve liked a kouign aman, next time ! Great prices for the quality! $2 and change for most items.

Got a baguette, offered as soft or crusty (options are good though crusty is tried and true, the best way to enjoy a baguette!). The reason for the option is many people, in the world not just the US, have been leaning towards softer breads. So the baguette is removed from the oven a few minutes before it is truly done. Not my thing. Anyhow, though I got the crusty baguette, it was not crusty enough. It is good bread just the crust to crumb proportion was not for me.

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